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Construction Litigation and Defect Law

The firm has extensive experience handling all facets of construction-related matters.  We maintain a highly active practice representing clients in construction-related litigation, including bringing and defending construction defect claims, mechanic’s lien foreclosures, bond claims, negligence claims, breach of contract matters, and violations of the Colorado Trust Fund Statute.  Our practice spans the state and includes cases as varied as individual homeowner disputes to multi-million dollar, multi-family condominium and townhome complexes to commercial construction matters.

Our in-depth experience in the construction arena gives us insight into the litigation strategies of attorneys and construction professionals alike who practice here and, therefore, we have the technical and legal knowledge necessary to assist our clients in navigating these highly-complex matters.  We pride ourselves on being up to date on recent developments in construction law, which often allows our clients to obtain successful, pre-trial rulings that fundamentally change the playing field in ongoing litigation.   Early successes in litigation help develop key negotiating leverage, and a beneficial outcome at trial, when trial is necessary.

The firm’s knowledge and experience allow us to assist our client’s goals of achieving successful and cost-efficient outcomes.   In additional to the firm’s intricate qualifications and strong reputation handling litigation matters, our attorneys also have extensive experience handling all facets of the construction process, including negotiating contracts, governmental bidding, coverage work, risk management, employment issues, and real estate matters.